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These riddles you can use on your friends in almost any situation.

  1. What has feet but can't walk?

  2. What has eyes but can't see?

  3. What has hands but can't feel?

  4. What has ears but can't hear?

  5. What has teeth but can't chew?

  6. Spell mousetrap in three letters.

  7. Spell pickle backwards

  8. There are ten copycats in one car, if one gets out how many are left?

  9. What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?

  10. How much dirt is there in a hole 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep?

  11. How far can you go into the woods?

  12. What had 4 eyes and runs more than 2,000 miles?

  13. What must you keep after giving it to someone else?

  14. What do we have in December that we don't have in any other month? (No it's not Christmas)

  15. If two's company and three's a crowd then what is 4 and 5?

  16. What can you catch but never throw?

  17. What is lighter than a feather yet harder to hold?

  18. What question can never truly be answered yes?

  19. What question must you positively answer yes?

  20. What has a bed but never sleeps and a mouth but never speaks?

  1. a yard stick

  2. a potato or a needle

  3. a clock

  4. corn

  5. a comb

  6. C-A-T

  7. pickle backwards

  8. none (they're copycats!)

  9. trouble or a maze

  10. none it's a hole

  11. halfway or else you would be going out

  12. The Mississippi River

  13. a promise

  14. the letter D

  15. 9

  16. a cold

  17. your breath

  18. Are you asleep?

  19. What does Y-E-S spell?

  20. A river

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